Selecting your block of land

Building a new home can seem daunting but really it is very easy if you select the right builder. Selecting the right block of land can make a big difference.

Below are a few tips when selecting a block of land:

1. Choose a block that is near level. Select a block of conventional shape with a wide frontage.
2. Consider aspect
3. Consider restrictive building covenants.
4. When constructing an investment property, don’t let emotion take control. Remember to only build what the rental market is looking for.This will then allow you to build a home that will always be in demand and increase the capital value for years to come.
5. Be aware of the extra site cost involved ie; extra footings, extra slab, concrete pumping etc. Make sure all these are included in the contract.
6. Allow up to 3-4 months building time. Settlement takes place approx 2 weeks after registration.
7. Read the inclusions in the contract.

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